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The Magic of NLP Anchors

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

How would you like to transform to a positive state in an instant? Imagine anchoring a Powerful Positive Resource State and having it accessible at any time. We all have sensory anchors that stimulate positive and negative memories and states. This can be the smell of cut grass, the sound of someone’s voice, a specific touch, etc. My entire life has been influenced by a number of sensory anchors. When I was a child every holiday our local community would put on a very festive holiday party. They gave out stockings full of small toys, candies, and tangerines. The event was always a joyful experience and the entire room smelled of tangerines. Years later, every time I peel a tangerine, I still feel the same joy I experienced during those holiday parties.

I became interested in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and anchoring a few years ago when I went to see Tony Robbins. He spoke of anchoring positive states and I was in awe of how quickly anchors could be set. Over the next year, I gathered information on this technique and learned how to set an anchor touching my thumb and index finger. This process involved recalling a specific joyful vivid experience and touching my thumb and index together as my state heightened. I completed these steps multiple times to set the anchor and occasionally reinforced it with the same memory.

It wasn’t until I became certified as an NLP practitioner that I clearly understood how to accurately set and utilize numerous anchors. I have two primary anchors that I utilize on a regular basis. On my right knuckle I have anchored the states of feeling powerful, joyful, passionate and productive. This has become a tremendous resource and the stacked anchors instantly transfer me to all the beforementioned states! My other primary anchor is something known as a Ring of Power. In my Ring of Power, I have anchored similar states and I jump into this ring when I am doing a speech, putting on a workshop or teaching NLP business tools and techniques. Having powerful resource anchors changed my life and helped me overcome my fear of public speaking.

I find so much joy in helping my clients set life changing resource anchors. Once the anchors are set it is easy to add to the anchor with positive life experiences. I also work with chaining and collapsing anchors. Chaining anchors is a technique used when the desired/resource state is significantly different from the present state. A good example of this would be procrastination to motivation. Collapsing anchors utilizes positive resource anchors to collapse or release a negative emotion. I am grateful that NLP has many tools and techniques that produce rapid results.

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