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Shift Your Life Using Positive Self-Communication

Over the last year, I have spent a great deal of time looking at what I am feeding my unconscious mind. If we are what we eat, our life is what we think. The powerful unconscious mind wants to give the conscious mind whatever it is requesting, and it DOES NOT process negatives. Therefore, phrases like I don’t want to be stressed, anxious, sad, fearful, in debt, etc. set the unconscious and conscious mind in the direction we are trying to avoid. This holds very true for limiting beliefs as well.

One way to feed the unconscious mind is to use the language toward where we want to go no matter how we feel. I am or I am moving towards calm, joy, courage, hope, abundance, etc. Create your desired outcome or state by speaking it into being. I am powerful, worthy, healing, confident, the list goes on and on.

For nearly a year, I struggled with an unremitting autoimmune disorder. I sought the help of many specialists and received some benefit from each. I took many recommended supplements, began juicing, eliminated processed foods, sat in infrared saunas and read countless informative books. All of my actions resulted in minimal improvement. As a nurse practitioner, my lack of progress was frustrating and frightening.

I decided it was time to shift my language and I began telling myself I am already healed. There were days when I couldn’t get out of bed and would say I am already healed. At times it seemed ridiculous to speak the words that did not align with how I felt. However, it didn’t take long my unconscious mind to prepare for wellness. After many months of illness there was major improvement in only a few weeks. I was also able to reverse the negative self-communication I used to define myself and that shift was monumental.

We get write our life story so let’s make each chapter a bestseller. When we speak in the language of what we desire the powerful unconscious mind will create the path. 

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