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From Sedona and Beyond

“If you have ever followed a rainbow to its end, it leads you to the ground on which you are standing.”  ― Alan Cohen

I returned late Monday evening from an incredible adventure in Sedona. I welcomed the opportunity to focus on hiking, photography, yoga, laughter with friends and the beauty of nature. Upon my return, my analyzing mind was fighting hard to move towards a fear and scarcity mindset. I know my scarcity conversations and uncertainty anxiety do not serve me.

When my emotions start running away, I visualize a time when I felt powerful, resilient, calm, joyful, etc. I allow myself to really FEEL it and connect with what I saw and heard. It allows me to anchor a positive and shift my state. This gives me an opportunity to regroup and take the next step. The powerful unconscious mind holds all memories and we can utilize our past positive states at any time. 

I am also utilizing my language to shift my perspective and my life. If I am allowing a negative story to occupy my mind, I feed my brain the opposite. I am creating abundance, I have the opportunity to help others, I am creating joy, and my kindness is impactful. When I change the conversation my come from and actions shift. 

Over the last week I have learned important lessons from my fellow travelers in this thing called life. When I focus on the positive, my lens sees the beauty of the human spirit and universe.

Lessons from Sedona and beyond:

While hiking, as in life, it is important to not look back.  

We go much further together and no one on the path gets left behind.

In a land (Sedona) that is rather chill about the health crisis, people are many making sure there are available resources for all. 

My neighborhood has become outwardly focused on those needing extra support.

Customers shared the toilet paper wealth after an unexpected delivery at the local store.

Many are making sure they have full access to virtual options to stay close to one another. 

I believe in the humanity in humans. We will go through this together a step at a time. I believe this unique opportunity will reconnect us to what we find most important. When we are all at the end of the rainbow, we will see the beautiful growth in doing the journey together.

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