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Dog Lessons

In my life I am grateful to have had many teachers. These teachers come in all forms with various lessons. One consistent group of teachers has always been my rescue dogs. Today, on a rather chilly South Florida morning, I was able to romp around in the fields with my overly enthusiastic pup. While I was worried about the appropriate clothing to wear to avoid the cold, Griffin was standing at the door wagging his tail. As soon as he felt the cold air he began to jump around as if he had springs on his paws. Pure joy and excitement in each moment, each breath. It was easy for me to forget about the temperature and follow his lead on the morning journey. I joined Griffin in romping around in joy, taking in ALL the scenery, saying hello to a few ducks across the way and basking in the sun reflecting off the lake. Of course, I passed on smelling everything on the ground and allowed him to be the judge of what deserved a second sniff. Yes, the puppy mantra of slow down and smell everything!

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